The Universe Started Last Thursday

Everything in the universe came into existence last Thursday. Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong.
Last Thursday

The ideology goes this way: No matter what day you’re reading this, the same concept applies. The universe started last Thursday. That means every memory you’ve ever had, everything you have ever experienced, was created then too.

The concept of Last Thursday-ism can be replaced by any day of the week with the idea remaining unmolested. This is an actual ideology that is practiced in the real world and, although it may seem crazy, it really isn’t much different than others.

Now, this concept is highly unlikely and many are quick to dismiss it. However, it cannot be proven false. Just like any other ideology, one may not exactly agree with it but it stands on ground that cannot be shaken. No falsifiability. This goes directly against any scientific approach, it cannot be experimented with so it lacks predictability that science needs in order to function properly.

This is why it is impossible to fault the scientific community for not believing in a specific ideology; at the very least, not letting it interfere with their work. That’s the beauty of science, there is nothing pushing for answers. The same should be applied to the public. There should not be any outside “force” pushing for selfish gains.

With scientific innovation comes better lifestyles for everyone. This is the only trickle-down effect that works as the economic principle of the same lacks any rationality. If we as a collective group of imaginative people give towards the prospect of research and development for the scientific community, we WILL see results. However, the U.S. government seems to be the only western democracy that doesn’t see the advantage of this, something that is fairly frightening. Your vote does count. Let us all make sure science is on the minds of our politicians, not corporations in their pockets.

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