Government Appeals Against Apple to Open iPhone


Authorities filed an appeal against the judge’s decision that refused to order Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drug case. The Judge was using the same law that’s being used against Apple in the San Bernardino shooter case. The case was submitted to the higher court after a judge in Brooklyn said he had no right to give the order.

According to Apple, the order to unlock the iPhone would be the beginning of a slippery road that threatens the safety and privacy of all people.


In the initial trial, the government asked Judge James Orenstein to order Apple to open the locked iPhone belonging to Jun Feng who had pleaded guilty to the crime of methamphetamine distribution. The Justice Department wanted to use this evidence to find his accomplice. After Judge Orenstein refused to give the order, the government presented the case again to the higher court.

Although the case was similar to that being discussed in California in connection with San Bernardino shooting, the New York case involved an older version of the operating system.

Feng used a phone with iOS 7 that was not protected by the same encryption technology.

However, Apple, which has agreed with the Judge Orenstein’s ruling, stated that giving access to open a locked mobile phone would threaten the basic principles of the Constitution.

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