RHOA: Kim Fields vs. Kenya Moore

Kim Fields and Kenya Moore get into a nasty argument over comments that have been made about the actress and her husband.


Fans of the RHOA predicted this would happen and they were right. And actually, it is amazing it took this long for Kenya Moore to crawl out from behind the cauldron and hurl shade at one of her cast members as expected and this season, who was the lucky recipient of her Redwood-like powers?

Enter Kim “Tootie” Fields.

Enter shade.

Enter round one.


Leave it to Miss Kenya ‘Less Is’ Moore to insist that Kim’s husband Christopher Morgan is a download, undercover brother that is hiding behind a sham marriage.

While many wondered when Fields would reply, fans didn’t have to wait long for a rebuttal from the House of Fields-Morgan, courtesy of her husband himself.

Christopher hopped on his own social media, calling Kenya out on Instagram, declaring himself a “proud, straight, married man” and mentioning that Moore herself was a “THOT with a penchant for waist trainers and “fake eyes”.

Now, only time will tell if Kenya will respond back to this but fans of the show expect Moore to twirl back in 5,4,3,2…

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