Homeless Man who Spotted California Fugitives Gets $100,000 Reward


A homeless man in San Francisco will actually receive the $100,000 reward for helping the police catch two prisoners who had escaped.

The two prisoners escaped from Orange County Jail six days earlier to being caught and triggered a massive search.


Matthew Hay-Chapman saw their pictures on the news and then spotted them driving a stolen van.

When the car was located near a market in San Francisco, Hay-Chapman then contacted the local police.

The total prize offered by the police reached $150 thousand but was divided with four people. Hay-Chapman himself got the largest portion.

According to police officials, two employees of Target Corporation would receive prizes of $15 thousand each since they contacted the police after seeing suspicious movements of the two men.


A man of Los Angeles, California, whose car was stolen by the detainees, would receive a payment of $20 thousand.

The two fugitives, Hossein Nayeri and Jonathan Tieu, were arrested near the market. The third detainee, Bac Duong, surrendered the day before.

Riyan Septa

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