Afraid of Accessorizing? A Man’s Guide to Better Fashion

Afraid of Accessorizing A Man’s Guide to Better Fashion 2

It is easy to be intimidated by men’s accessories. We all have memories of a guy we knew who wore a ton of gold chains, or looked like a used car salesman with his pinkie ring. For many men, it seems easier to just skip the accessories altogether, but that too can be a mistake. Nice accessories are what separate the men from the boys in terms of fashion. Consider these ideas to help upgrade your look.

Many men think of wearing a tie as a chore, but it’s actually a great way to take your style to the next level. Consider matching your tie color to your eyes for an understated way to make them stand out. Silk neckties are a great standby, but a knit tie in navy can set your look apart. Stay away from novelty ties to keep things classy.

Afraid of Accessorizing A Man’s Guide to Better Fashion 1
A Tie Bar
If you typically wear a tie to work each day, adding a tie clip can be a nice touch. Sterling silver is a no-fail option, but many companies are experimenting with other materials. Try Etsy for some off-beat options, such as tie clips made from wood!

If you have been rocking a Timex for a number of years, consider upgrading. You can find a number of brand-name watches online, at sites like World of Watches. Make sure you find a watch with a face that corresponds to your hand size. If you choose a watch with a too-large face, it may end up dwarfing your hand.

Cuff Links
Cuff links are a relatively easy way to look classy and polished. Yes, it requires a French-cuff shirt, but the style payoff is big in terms of look and fashion. You cannot go wrong with simple monogrammed cuff links in sterling silver, but there are a number of novelty options for more casual occasions and can help to bring a tidbit of personality to an otherwise boring ensemble.

Bag or Briefcase
Since before Seinfeld, “man purses” were made fun of, but a nice leather briefcase or satchel looks much more grown up than a knapsack. Don’t get dwarfed by a long backpack. Use a longer case with accessible handles and shoulder strap. You’ll keep your things more organized without looking like a student.

You might not want to experiment with all of these ideas at once, but incorporating a few elements into your daily ensemble might make you look a bit more put together. Especially on days when you have a big meeting or presentation, it is nice to have a bit of polish.

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