Chicago Rapper Jelani Lateef Drops ‘Cold Days and Dark Nights’ Mixtape

Jelani Lateef aka J Fury is the latest rapper to come from Chicago aiming for the crown.

In his latest mixtape, Cold Days and Dark Nights, the Chicagoan talks about the come-up and working to be the best in tracks like “Dreams” and “In God’s Hands.” He also throws a bit of social commentary in tracks like “Action.”

In the 14-track mixtape, Lateef shows off some cocky rhymes and tough beats. The intro track, “Cold Days” even has a visual counterpart. But it’s “No Fear” that works as one of the best tracks. “I’m from the city with no pity is shown to you / If you can’t do it without fear then don’t do it,” raps Lateef in the smooth track.

“Dreams” is also pretty dope with 8,500 streams. With bombastic and clean samples, Lateef spits about life’s ills, suicidal thoughts, stereotypes and overcoming them.

Download the mixtape here or steam it below.

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