Kerry Katona Takes Off Pants and Snoozes on Roadside

TV star Kerry Katona was seen with her pants off on a roadside.
kerry katona

An astounding scenery was seen at Gran Canaria Airport some time ago. TV star Kerry Katona was seen lying with pants that were almost taken off on a roadside. What was she doing there?

The tape was not a new occurrence. The video was taken when Kerry arrived at Gran Canaria Airport about a month ago. She herself had just arrived on the scene after taking an early morning flight from Gatwick Airport.

Somehow, Kerry and her two friends chose the parking lot outside the airport as a place to rest. Once there, Brian McFadden’s former wife lit a cigarette and joked with her friends.

Shortly thereafter, she took off her pants and sprawled on the pavement like a woman sunbathing on the beach. Not fully taken off, her sweatpants were still attached on her ankles.

The scenery seemed making her colleagues uncomfortable. They asked Kerry to put on her pants again. Her colleagues were even helped raise the pants while the artist was still relaxing with a lying position.

After wearing them correctly, Kerry then departed and went from there. Unfortunately, the mad scene was already recorded by the paparazzi and circulating in cyberspace.

As we knew, Kerry Katona suffered agony for many years due to the haters that bullied her fat body. She managed to lose weight drastically. Possibly, she felt more confident, so it pushed her to show her body contours in public.

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