How to Make Higher Education Work for You?

If you’re low on cash as I was, and really need some urgent medical procedure done and can’t afford it, you may want to turn to a student in training.

I really needed dental surgery but my insurance wouldn’t cover it, so I had to pay out of pocket and it was in the $1000s and I didn’t have that type of income. So I contemplated if I could live without the procedure, but over time it was getting worst and I couldn’t. I didn’t want to put myself in more debt, so was gratefully directed to the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine.

I know what most people say, “I don’t want a student working on me!” But when I went to the consultation, which was free because it was covered by my insurance. The resident working on me graduated from the school and was performing the operation as a form of internship/experience for her resume.

Like any examination, it is always good to ask questions, get a feel for how the doctor makes you feel and do they follow up with you.

Resident Sohyun Park DDS did all of that!

She answered my questions without any hesitation, so it made me feel comfortable that she knew what she was doing and talking about, she gave me her cell, email and other contact details for further questioning and she was quick to response, plus the operation was only $200 dollars.

On the day of the surgery, a student did do the anesthesia on me and I was in Heaven because I also got a shot of morphine, but none to take home for pain, damn it!

Then they took before and after photos to use for upcoming class assignments while two doctors, whom I assume may be enlisting resident Sohyun Park DDS as a regular doctor at their dental establishments sat in on the surgery giving her advice and watching her perform the operation.

After 2 hours the procedure was done, and I was given post operation advice to care for myself to maintain the quality of the work. Within in a couple of days, I could see the results once swelling and the bleeding stop. I am pleased with it all and hope to never have to have surgery of any kind again unless I get some awesome painkiller medication.

So whenever in need try to educate yourself, because your education is something they can never take away from you.

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