Bey and Jay: #Formation Struggles?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been plagued with several divorce rumors lately. Now, rumor mills are spreading that Jay-Z has already given up on the marriage.


According to reports, there may be trouble in Shangri-La, with both superstars living very separate lives after speculation mounts that Jay-Z has left their shared home for some alone time.

It has just been leaked that Jay has told his staff they are basically off for the next month as he travels to take care of business. Meanwhile, Beyonce is holed up in southern California rehearsing and prepping for her upcoming international tour.


Beyonce, for her part, is continuing on with her plans for world domination, with a new fashion line – Ivy Park – and record label, Parkwood Entertainment currently being rolled out. Could it be a bit of jealousy that Beyonce’s empire is possibly about to exceed her husband’s that is causing the rift?

It’s all hearsay for now, but things will become more clear in the coming months as Bey-Z make some formal announcements on their careers and personal lives.

Stay tuned…

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