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Millions Of Dollars In Scholarships And Full Rides To Ivy League Schools. Congratulate These 5 Young Black Teens On Their Academic Excellence.


When you talk about Black excellence you can’t ignore these exceptional 5 youths. Each of the following students has proven that they have what it takes to exceed and spark change in this world. These 5 Black youths have all made the news recently with their multiple college acceptance letters and scholarships. Millions of dollars are literally on hold as these teens figure out which college offer they will choose to accept.

Ethan Ambrose

Ethan Ambrose

Ethan Ambrose

Ethan Ambrose already knew he had been accepted into Harvard but the Brooklyn, New York teen found out earlier this month that he had much more to celebrate.

At a school assembly Ambrose was surprised with the announcement that he was the recipient of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship. The scholarship will cover his full tuition for the four years he attends the prestigious university. In addition, he is automatically eligible for $50,000 a year towards graduate school.

Ambrose is a student at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School and plans to study neurobiology at Harvard

Kelly Hyles



Kelly Hyles is a native of Guyana who moved to New York with her family at the age of 11. In high school Hyle worked extensively in the field of science through a special program that included half a day at Mount Siani hospital. When she was not busy with school work she was busy with humanitarian efforts, starting a Black student group at her school as well as tutoring her peers.

Kelly applied to 22 colleges and was accepted into 21, including all 8 Ivy League schools. She is planning to study biochemistry in the fall and has yet to announce which school she has chosen.

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna



With a GPA of 101.6 Augusta is valedictorian of her class and has a lot to celebrate as the school year comes to a close. The teen has been accepted into 12 colleges including each of the 8 Ivy League universities. She was also accepted into Johns Hopkins, NYU and MIT.

Augusta hasn’t decided which college she will attend. She has a serious interest in the field of science and was a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search. Recently she was invited to the White House Science Fair.

The Hunt twins

Hunt twins


Twins Deprice and Shaprice Hunt have made history. The twins have been accepted into over 60 colleges and universities. Shaprice has been accepted into over 30 schools with the offer of a full scholarship from two of them. Five colleges have offered her scholarships to play basketball.

Her brother, Deprice, was accepted into over 25 schools and earned $300,000 in scholarship money and two full ride offers. He intends to attend Morehouse College.

Together the twins scholarship offers total nearly 1.6 million.

Social media  is  a buzz about these 5 exceptional teens though not much of the mainstream media makes more than a passing notice of them. We must  applaud this  kind of excellence in our youth and  praise THEM as  role models for the Black community and it’s future.

Melony Hill
Thinker, Avid Reader, Couch Potato. Sapphire Hill is a writer from Baltimore Maryland who loves to delve deeper into the whys of everything. Staff writer for 86 Blvd and Badd Magazine. Blogger and talent promoter for Sapphire Spotlight On Talent.

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