LeBron James to Star in ‘Space Jam’ Sequel

It looks like LeBron will be following in #23’s footsteps…again.
Space Jam

It has been rumored that LeBron James may yet again follow in Michael Jordan’s footsteps and star in the long awaited Space Jam sequel.  According to Hollywood Reporter, the rumors began circulating when James signed a deal with Warner Bros. last year.  Now those rumors have now been confirmed.

Current details are still obscure as we don’t have information about any other features in the upcoming production, but it’s very probable that we’ll see interesting sneaker releases drop in conjunction with the movie.

It may be a long shot that we’ll see Michael Jordan in the sequel to his famous Space Jam film, but for some, LeBron James might be the next best thing as far as replacements go.

The first film, which earned $230.4 million worldwide, featured Michael Jordan teaming up with a collection of Looney Tunes characters to play a game of basketball against aliens threatening their freedom.

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