Skai Jackson vs. Azealia Banks: When A Teenager Gives A Grown Ass Woman That Work!

Skai Jackson
Skai Jackson might be smiling but she also is the collector of scalps.

Skai Jackson. If you’re an adult without small kids, you may only know this little cutie from Bey’s “Lemonade” video. She was my daughter’s favorite character on Disney channel’s “Hey Jessie”. She portrayed sassy “Zuri Ross” on the show.

Chiiiile, Skai Jackson is a long way from those days of rocking twists and batting her pretty little brown eyes. She is now known as the troll assassin, snatcher of scalps, connoisseur of clapbacks and the grim reaper of Azealia Banks’ already dead ass career.


Who? Yeah, that. Azealia Banks aka “Bruja Del Bloque” on Twitter should’ve lit a candle, cleansed herself in cascarilla, smoked a peace pipe THEN repented with a fifth of holy water and libations for her ancestors. A rapper, who’s more known for her trolling ass antics versus her music, can’t seem to stop putting her big ass feet in her big ass mouth.

Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson is the new face of “Scalp Snatchers” of America. Azealia wasn’t ready.

And Skai Jackson had no time for her shenanigans. This was a dragging of EPIC PROPORTION . Azealia Banks would have been better off as Iggy Azalea at this point. At least, she’s a culture-jacking Becky, not the “chick who got her ass verbally thrashed by a Disney star”. Black Twitter showed up with memes and clever banter. I couldn’t go to sleep  for not wanting to miss anything. I will NOT bring up her meme diss. I will not.  I LAUGHED MY ENTIRE ASS OFF. Azealia’s feeble jabs at Ms. Jackson’s pending womanhood and star power were no match for baby girl’s  relentless clapbacks. Even Iyanla couldn’t fix this shit. Call Tyrone or Donald Trump but just don’t call Skai Jackson because she will get a bitch together quickly.  Even Drake called her for tips and I’m sure Birdman is trying to put her on payroll because people ” better put some respek on her name”. 

Skai Jackson has snatched out Azealia Banks' edges...

Did Skai Jackson, literally, snatch out her edges?

I’m almost positive that Skai’s mama was sitting by her side on the couch ready to bust the remaining remnants of Banks’ ass. I can just imagine that conversation.

Mama Jackson: *following on Twitter* “Is this bitch crazy? Does she NOT know that I will f–…”


Skai: *interrupting and laughing heartily* “Ma, I got her. Nobody even knows who she is… don’t worry. Last time she had a hit.. there was some old white guy on top of her. I got this.” *Swyping furiously*

Mama Jackson: *looking pleased* “Ok baby! Let the dragging commence!” *sits back with glass of champagne*

So which one y’all will be buying Azealia’s new album? It comes with complimentary wigs.

Negra With Tumbao
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