They Slayed! The Best African Inspired Prom Outfits of 2016


It’s that time  of year again, prom season. If you’re like me, you practically cringe at some of the “outfits” parents send their teenage daughters out of the house in on prom night. I know it’s a tradition to dress “grown up” and “slay” the prom but every year it seems  the outfits get shorter, more revealing and in at least a few cases each year, more disgusting. I’ve actually felt bad for a few girls who seemed to have little guidance at home by the way they arrived at prom.

This year there’s a new trend in prom fashion and it  has my heart all a flutter. I  have actually smiled so hard looking at some of this years prom outfits that you’d think I know these kids. I don’t but the idea that they are getting to know themselves warms my heart. There seems to be an abundance of teens and couples who decided to go to  prom in more traditional African inspired attire and styles. I love it.

Take a look at some of My favorites ( click photo to see it bigger)



I’d like to think some of this African inspired prom trend  was created  by the young  girl who broke the internet  last year with her prom dress. 18-year-old Keymah McEntyre took the internet by storm last year when she  wore a beautiful African inspired gown that she designed and created herself to the prom. She coupled the dress with a huge natural fro and became a instant internet sensation.




Let’s hope this is a trend that  stays and moves into  day to day dress as well.

Melony Hill
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