Which of the Worst Driving Distractions are You Guilty of?

Never underestimate the potential danger that could lie ahead in the road and keep your focus on driving while in the car.

Driving your car everyday requires more concentration than most people realize. A car accident attorney from the Simon Law firm says sudden loss of focus could even lead to a serious accident. Here are some of the worst driving distractions to avoid and some we are all guilty of doing from time to time.

When you are hungry, a juicy burger can be irresistible and we’ve all picked at a few fries during the drive home. Unfortunately, eating while at the wheel is a major distraction. The safest approach is to eat your meal before hitting the road if possible. Even if you get pretty good at one-handed driving, you should keep both hands on the steering wheel. This is especially true when maneuvering in heavy traffic.

Research shows that texting while driving causes thousands car accidents each year. Despite the stiff penalties for getting caught texting, some motorists simply can’t resist the temptation to check their phones. Texting causes the driver to completely lose sight of their surroundings and contrary to popular belief, making phone calls can be just as dangerous. The latest driver awareness apps are designed to limit your cell phone use while on the road. Simply turn off your phone if needed.

Looking in the Mirror
From putting on lipstick to brushing through your hair, drivers use their vehicle’s rear-view mirror to perform a variety of dangerous acts. It is never a wise decision to multitask while behind the wheel. This puts everyone on the road in harm’s way. The main cause of preening in the mirror is a lack of preparation. Always set aside some extra time to maintain your appearance before heading out the door.

Rubbernecking is the act of looking back at something. This is one of the top reasons why car accidents tend to trigger other collisions. Passing motorists often gawk at accident scenes for much longer than they should. Some drivers are also guilty of staring at pedestrians when their focus should be elsewhere. You should make it a priority to ignore roadside diversions and keep your eyes on the road.

Driving Tired
Whether they stayed up late watching the baseball game or slept poorly, drivers can become tired for a number of different reasons. According to a leading accident attorney, a tired motorist can be just as hazardous as a drunk driver. Because of their extreme fatigue, some drivers will slowly drift off to sleep. The best way to energize your body is to get some rest in a safe location. In contrast to what some people may believe, caffeine is not a reliable remedy for fatigue.

You are probably guilty of at least one of these distractions. Never underestimate the potential danger that could lie ahead in the road and keep your focus on driving while in the car.

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