Man Announces $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Chicago PD, Then is Arrested on Murder Charge

What you should do before suing the police is to not have an outstanding warrant for murder.

The victim of a police shooting that was captured on surveillance video two years ago held a press conference this past Wednesday (June 8th) to announce that he was suing the Chicago PD, then he was promptly taken into custody in connection with a murder that took place in May.

An unsuspecting Dominiq Greer, 26, was waiting for a ride home from the juncture when police pulled up and presented him with a warrant for his arrest.

“We became aware he was holding a press conference for a civil suit against the police department, and the police department doesn’t wait to apprehend people accused of murder,” said chief spokesman for the department, Anthony Guglielmi. According to authorities, Greer was implicated in the May 27th shooting death of 22-year-old Kevin Larry on the 5600 block of South Wabash. The violence is believed to have sparked from a dispute over money during a dice game. The incident remains under investigation.

Greer’s $15 million suit stems from a 2014 police chase that ended with him having been shot seven times. On July 4 of that year the cops approached him while with a group of friends. Knowing that he was carrying an illegal firearm at the time, Greer took off, tossing the gun while on the run (see video below).

An investigation of the shooting, carried out by the Police Independent Review Authority, concluded that it was justified, citing that police began shooting when they heard a gunshot, which they assume had fired off when the discarded gun hit the ground. The black and white footage shows Greer stumbling, then continuing to run before falling again. Police claim they continued to fire because he would not lift stop and raise his hands. Much of Greer’s grievance is in his claim that veteran officer Lawrence Cosban continued to fire while he was down.

“They should have did their job and tried to catch me instead of shooting me. If I ain’t never bring no harm to you, why would you bring harm to me,” Greer said after filing suit. Authorities have declined further comment on Wednesday’s arrest.

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