Man Who Fought Justin Bieber Wants to Meet Up Or He Plans to Sue

The man who Bieber punched is giving him a chance to meet up to settle their differences before he decides to take matters to court.

The 6’5″ man who found himself on the receiving end of Justin Bieber’s fists last week has reportedly requested to meet with the star so that they settle the issue in person.

According to TMZ, representatives of Lamont Richmond delivered a note to Bieber’s people, in which the Cleveland native proposes that they meet in order to “help seek a resolution” in regards to their scrap.

Bieber’s hand skills made headlines on June 8, following Game 3 of the NBA Finals, when a video recorded outside of the Westin hotel in Cleveland captured the 22-year-old singer exchanging blows with the much larger man.

Richmond would later come forward to claim that the altercation was triggered after he and two friends, who he claims had all had the fortune to engage in a friendly chat with JB, asked for a picture and an autograph. In turning Richmond down, he claims Bieber called him a “motherf***er”. In the video, Bieber can be seen grabbing Richmond by the shirt, to which he responds with a push to the face that sets the Biebs off into a barrage of blows before he is taken down.

Since the incident, a bazaar course of events briefly put what happened that night into question, as Richmond, who claims he has been harassed by Bieber followers, went on to deny that he was the man in the video, before picking back up where he left off with the story.

The letter is said to imply that should Bieber fail to comply with his request to meet, Richmond may select to take legal action.

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