Tehon gives Cudder vibes in 'Burned Alive.' (Image: Tehon Music)

Tehon Raps About Heartbreak in ‘Burned Alive’

Tehon may be North Carolina’s next big artist. The Southern rapper evokes Kid Cudi’s druggy-like flow and mixes it with his own personal touch in his track, “Burned Alive.”

The song itself is pretty dark as well. “I know hurt people hurt people / Might be sweet then desert people,” he raps. “If you get too close you might just be burned alive.” Ouch.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Tehon explained the inspiration behind the track.

“I made this song through a bit of heartbreak. Cliche right? But at this point the pain felt a bit different,” he said. “The pain was intense and increased to the point that it disappeared. It was a “whatever” kind of acceptance that could only come through the pain. In a lot of the song I’m sharing multiple perspectives at once. The grand theme of it is about how much hurt we can cause when we we’re close to one another. It’s more emotive then articulate as I just tapped in and started expressing and didn’t really slow down to articulate.”

While fans haven’t received a full project from the artist yet — his debut EP, Dystopia’s Whimsical Beauty, is still in the “molding” stage, according to his press team.

In the meantime check out his latest track below.

Stream Tehon’s “Burned Alive.”


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