New Orleans Charity for Veterans by Lisa Carey Facing Homelessness Herself


Taking a leap of faith by opening a housing project for homeless veterans in New Orleans, Lisa Carey decided to quit her job to house shelter homeless disabled and senior veterans in rural Lousiana, while caring for her stroke-afflicted widowed mother, all alone.

Success seemed imminent with the help of local French Quarter news coverage.


So I asked Lisa Carey, what happened?

“I’m now selling the buildings and land that I purchased to operate the vets home project because I have had resistance from the county for several years getting lights, water, and sewerage turned on for the property. The buildings have been sitting empty and deteriorating for years now. I have contacted everyone including churches. I have no government or private funding. Nothing. My leap of faith has failed, tremendously.”

Anyone interested in participating or assisting with the program can contact Lisa Carey at 504-340-3429, or

Christina Jeter

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