People Aren’t Happy Rihanna Checks into Bates Motel as Marion Crane for the Fifth and Final Season

Rihanna will be bringing her acting talents to the small screen when she takes on a key role in the final season of "Bates Motel."

Who is Marion Crane? She is the infamous hotel guest who gets killed in this iconic shower scene by Norman Bates in the film Psycho.

And here are some of the funniest things people have to say about it, on Bates Motel on A & E Facebook page:


Somebody even made a crack about how awful Rihanna was in the animated movie Home and that was a cartoon. But I am not one to judge and hope she brings it to set for the grand finale. Because I am a huge fan of the show as well and was thinking that role should have went to one of Jamie Lee Curtis daughters seeing how Phoenix secretary Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) is their grandmother and Jamie Lee Curtis is the Scream Queen literally on FOX and from the Halloween franchise.

In Rihanna own words, she better “work, work, work, work, work” and prove the haters all wrong.

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