Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump? 100 Days Till Election Day And Americans Are Still Unsure

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump still have a high amount of undecided voters, even after their nomination acceptance speeches.

The Democratic National Convention ended Thursday night. Hillary Clinton accepted her presidential nomination. It was a big moment in history but was it enough to gain believers? We have 100 days left until the presidential election on November 8th and there are still Americans out here that don’t know who to choose.

Hillary Clinton gave a lot of people trust issues and they’re pointing out that she didn’t address it. Her daughter Chelsea presented Hillary and said nothing but nice things about her. She mentioned that her mother is kind, funny, has a big heart, and is always there for her. The goal was to make Hillary trustworthy but everyone wasn’t buying it.

Hillary was involved in an email scandal while serving as secretary of state. She was sending classified information through an email server that was not provided through the government. She chose to send emails through her families personal email server instead of using her work email account.

Hillary Clinton was found not guilty of her charges, but the FBI called her “careless” because her argument is that she didn’t know the information was classified. You can see how that statement would be hard to believe, given that classified information usually says “classified” in the boldest and obnoxious font anyone could ever find.

This is not a post to bash Hillary, because many Americans aren’t fans of Donald Trump as well, which is why there are so many people torn between who to choose. Donald Trump doesn’t have the best reputation. He’s said some pretty mean things about Mexican Americans. He wants to build a wall between the U.S and Mexico to keep Mexicans out of the country. Donald Trump has also publicly made statements about kicking Muslims out of America.

During his speech he left many Americans confused about his abilities to run the country. He’s made promises and said he’ll take care of things without explaining how. A lot of his plans sound good, but they also seem very undo-able. It’s like the kid running for class president that promises chocolate milk in the water fountains, so can you really blame anyone for not being sure?

Did you decide on who to vote for? If so what was your deciding factor?

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