The First Pokémon Go Trainer To Catch ‘Em All

Nick Johnson was known for catching every single available Pokémon in America. Now he is the very first trainer to catch all the available Pokémon worldwide!
Pokemon Go

Unless you didn’t have access to the Internet you know about Pokémon Go. Basically, it is a new game application for smartphones created by Niantic. The game is all about walking around catching Pokemon’s and meeting new people. You’re supposed to walk to so-called PokéStops to collect items such as potions, eggs, and Pokéballs.

After catching enough friends, making them stronger and reaching level 5, you can battle gyms. By defeating gyms you become a gym leader. Being a gym leader is a huge responsibility, you’re doing well for your team and for yourself because you get bonuses but you also have to make sure other team members don’t take over the gym. Today’s article is about one of the trainers who has caught ’em all.

This is Nick Johnson. He caught all the Pokémon available in the US couple of weeks ago. Now Nick has traveled worldwide to complete his PokéDex and catch every single Pokémon available outside of the US. To make the game more fun, developers made sure to make continent only Pokémons. Mr.Mime, Farfetch’d and Kangashkhan

Twitter: @NLJ_1

Nick went to France on August 1, 2016, to catch Mr.Mime. But that wasn’t enough Pokémon to complete Nick’s PokéDex so he continued his traveling and went to Hong Kong to catch Farfetch’d.

Nick posted “I came, I saw, I fetched.” on his Twitter account after catching Farfetch’d.

And last but not least, Nick went to Sydney, Australia to catch Kangashkhan, which is only available in Australia and New Zealand.

After catching all 145 available Pokémons, Nick tweeted to Nintendo asking if he could visit Nintendo headquarters since he’s in Japan as for August 5, 2016.

That completes Nick’s Pokédex. Of course he’s missing the legendary Pokémons and Ditto, but as for now, none of them are available so that makes Nick the first trainer to catch ’em all!

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