African Children Begging To Die In Their Sleep

African children are left in the streets begging for food. It's been happening for so long that the children now are powerless and are begging to die.

This is Muganga Douglas Katosi an activist from Kampala, Uganda. Recently he has posted a photo showing how kids are lined up at night on the streets of Kampala, Uganda begging for something eat.

Muganga says “These are the impoverished African children in a continent of plenty. The sight of a child so hungry and tired that he can’t maintain a begging posture but resign to sleep. Praying that he dies in his sleep” – In his Facebook Post

Muganga’s post received comments from nice people offering solutions, explaining what’s going on and so on. Here’s one of the comments left on Muganga’s post.

“Something needs to be done. I’ve seen this too, for many times. Some of those kids you see are being put by either their mother or older sibling and they watch from far that’s why you never see any money with those kids because any money given to them is immediately taken away by those watching from afar”

Some of them threw ideas such as asking Africa to assist their people like the Red Cross does.

I decided to research more about the issue. I can’t tell you how many images I found while researching. It’s stressful how we ignore the poor children sitting on the streets begging for something to eat.

I found an article suggesting an idea on how to stop the hunger and feed those children. It says:

“We don’t believe any of those poor excuses for solutions are worth pursuing another minute discussing. Instead, we look towards our Mother Africa. We call upon the African masses to recognize that there is enough arable land in any two or three of the neo-colonial micro-states in Africa to produce more food than the San Joaquin Valley presently produces. That’s enough food to feed all of the starving Africans on Earth!”

Of course, it’s easy to say but can it be done? If you ask me, yes it can! I mean look around, we’ve come through so much, fixed so many problems. I believe if we work hard enough we can stop the problem.

People already started working on this issue and I hope you will join and help them. I’ll keep you updated.

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