What’s Up With The New Playboy For Millennials?

Playboy, the original men's magazine designed a new cover mixing Selfie and Snapchat. Two things millennials can't get enough of.

Playboy, the original men’s magazine designed a new cover mixing Selfie and Snapchat. Two things millennials can’t get enough of. It’s very clear that the new Playboy cover is aimed at millennials. They’ve used selfies and Snapchat as inspiration, which is a great move. According to Cowen more than 7 in 10 Snapchat users are millennials. 18 to 29-year-olds are accounted for 71% of US Snapchat users. And this is polling from 2014.

So why target millennials? According to Playboy stats, after relaunching the Playboy.com as a safe for work website last year, website traffic raised by 400% and the average age of users went from 47 to 30. Playboy says that despite the fact that the magazine is now nudity-free, it will still continue the centerfolds, covering up in just the right places.

So what’s this new era they are talking about? According to The New York Times:

“Gone are the bawdy cartoons as well as the racy ads at the back of the magazine. For stuff like “bedroom adventure gear.” The phrase “Entertainment for Men,” which has graced the cover since that 1953 debut, has vanished. So too has the dense and cluttered layout that has defined the magazine’s appearance since the 1970s when circulation stood at 5.6 million. (It is now about 700,000.) In its place is an airier and more contemporary feel, with a lot more white space.”

A lot of people complained about it and don’t like the idea of a revamped Playboy. It has been called “a saucier version of other magazines” such as Esquire and GQ.

“The magazine has adopted the unadorned, point-and-shoot aesthetic made famous by American Apparel ads and fashion photographers like Terry Richardson.” according to The New York Times

So how do you like the changes? Does the millennial marketing work on you?

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