10 Decorating Secrets For Your Living Space

Try these 10 decorating secrets to update your space on trend and on budget.

Are you tired of the way a room looks? Do you have that space that just never seems right? Have you caught the decorating bug? Consider these ideas when it is time to ‘change things up’.

Use What You Have: Switching pieces of furniture from one room to another or simply changing around the furniture is the easiest way to give a room a new look.

Color Scheme: Rooms should have three main colors. The base color should be neutral and set the tone. The contrast color is dark and creates depth within a space. The accent color pulls everything together and adds punch. For example, paint the walls a light taupe, have two chairs with light taupe coverings and a light taupe rug on the floor. Have a darker taupe color as the fabric on the sofa (or use slip covers), an ottoman with a darker taupe and some candles. Add some pillows with a variety of taupe colors in their design, with a couple of pillows that are a deep red. Add accents around the room that compliment the taupe theme. You can use a color wheel (borrow one from a paint store) to see which three colors you want to work with.

Wall Decals: They are available at stores and online. They cost between $20 and $100 and come in a plethora of sayings and designs. Some sites will even allow you to design your own. The best thing is that they are not permanent and can be changed at any time.

Fabrics: Pillows, slip covers, seat cushions and throws are an inexpensive way to spruce up any décor.

Candles: Available in many different sizes, candles not only add to the decor, their scent can set the mood, as well. Several different sized candles of the same color grouped together to make a great centerpiece on a table or mantle.

Plants: Real plants are a welcome addition to any home because they help to keep the air clean. If real plants are not an option, there are many attractive artificial plants and flowers that add beauty to any room.

Pictures: Personalize your space by adding pictures. Instead of photographs, you can frame a child’s artwork or some leaves from your yard with a parchment paper background. If you really want to show off your flair for individuality, try hanging colorful beads, paper creations or your favorite sweater!

Accent Furniture: You can purchase accent furniture if you do not want to replace large pieces. The addition of a corner table, ottoman or an umbrella stand can add to the decor without having to replace a sofa or chair. Auctions are great places to purchase accent items.

Book Cases: Use bookcases for more than just books. Try putting a few books upright and add an ornament or picture frame to the rest of the shelf. Also, putting books both vertically and horizontally provide a different look. Try putting a glass dish full of small stones on top of a couple of books laid horizontally. Dollar stores sometimes carry bags of small, smooth stones of different sizes and colors. Almost nothing is taboo so have some fun!

Lighting: Use light to show off your room. You can experiment with different types of bulbs to give various effects. A dimmer switch can change the mood of a room without changing a bulb. Track lighting is great if you are trying to highlight a painting you have sitting on an easel, for example.

These are just some of the ways to be creative in your spaces. Finding various ways to display your style can be great fun and a sure stress reliever.[/vc_column_text]

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