Terminally Ill Woman Throws Party Before Ending Her Life

I’d rather be free than entombed in my body.” Betsy Davis wrote in an e-mail to her family.

In early July, terminally ill Betsy Davis sent out invitations to close friends and family for a party she referred to as a ‘rebirth.’ “These circumstances are unlike any party you have attended before, requiring emotional stamina, centeredness and openness,” she wrote in the invitations.

The 41 year old was suffering from ALS, a disease that slowly takes away the ability to eat, drink, speak, and eventually breathe. There is no treatment or cure.

Davis invited more than 30 friends and family members to join her at a beautiful home in Ojai, California on July 23 and 24. She put together a fun weekend, every hour filled with activities for her loved ones.

Credit: Niels Alpert via AP

”You’re all very brave for sending me off on my journey,” the 41- year old artist and graphic designer wrote in her invitation.”There are no rules. Wear what you want, speak your mind, dance, hop, chant, sing, pray, but do not cry in front of me.”

”We ate pizza and tamales. There was music, booze and lots of photos. Under her guidance, I’d put sticky notes next to items around the house, explaining their significance. She invited everyone to ‘take a Betsy souvenir’ to remember her.” Davis’ sister Kelly writes in a column for Voice of San Diego.

The law that allowed Betsy to make this decision, was enforced only a month earlier. ”If someone wants to fight to the very end, that’s a personal choice. Both paths are equally brave.” Kelly Davis writes.

Credit: Niels Alpert

Betsy took the medication on July 24th at around 6:45pm. ”Three of her truly incredible caregivers helped her change into a kimono she’d bought in Japan,” Kelly describes in her column for Voice of San Diego. ”A family friend drove her in his new Tesla up a hillside next to the house, where we’d placed a white canopy and a makeshift bed. She wanted to fall asleep as the sun was setting.”

Jut a few minutes after Betsy took the medication, she slipped in a coma, surrounded by her friends and family. ”Four hours later, she peacefully departed for her next adventure.”

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