Louisiana flooding

Busy Vacation Schedule Keeping Obama From Touring Louisiana Disaster Area

First, the American media ignored the flooding in Louisiana by never breaking their coverage of the 2016 Olympics. Now, President Obama ignores the suffering of the people he swore to protect. What is the Commander-in-Chief doing that is so important? He is on vacation.

In place of the President,  DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson toured the disaster areas yesterday. Reporters asked Johnson if the President would tour the area as well, during a press conference yesterday.

In a pitifully attempted response, he told the media that “the president can’t be everywhere.” The question visibly put him into damage control mode as he said, “When you are the chief executive of the entire U.S. government, you can’t be everywhere including places you would like to be,” citing Obama’s busy fall schedule as the reason for his absence.

Johnson’s comments did not sit well with Americans, however. It is true that the President has a tight schedule and cannot be everywhere he “would like to be.” Currently, however, he is vacationing and can choose to go wherever he wants.

Simply put, the nation’s leader has decided to keep watching Olympians swim as American flood victims drown.

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