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The Hamilton Perkins Collection is a Kickstarter Project We Absolutely Love

Hamilton Perkins knows about social and environmental problems. So, when the opportunity came to put skills and knowledge of the business world to use in a real world situation the rest was history.

“It was always consistent with my core values,” he said of the idea behind starting the Hamilton Perkins Collection of designer bags. “Once I saw the environment from a bird’s eye view. If I were to build this brand from the ground up, that would be unique and different.”

Perkins, the founder of the B Corporation Hamilton Perkins Collection, was notified in July that his new line was named a Kickstarter Project We Love. The accolade is intended to recognize top projects garnering attention through the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

Perkins said in essence, the achievement alludes to the fact that people are responding well to company offerings.

“I think it’s being authentic (and) being involved,” he said. “I think it’s a ton of different things. We were just fortunate to get the credential.”

Photographed by Hamilton 3
Photo Credit: Hamilton Perkins

The Hamilton Perkins Collection currently consists of two products: a duffle bag and a two-in-one bag. Ultimately, all products feature a three-way, convertible zipper system in addition to being made from 100-percent recycled plastic bottles and billboards.

In examining the market, Perkins said a challenge surfaces for consumers who are looking to find a bag as socially responsible as the one his company offers and said that’s what inspired him to start the line.

“After figuring out I could do it myself—I have a retail background—I found I could get started on my own,” he said.

The Hamilton Perkins Collection launched its crowdfunding effort in June. In under one week, the company gained $10,000 in startup costs through Kickstarter.

Perkins said the collection brings great meaning to both the company and its consumers given the bag’s makeup.

“It’s made to matter,” he said.

Perkins said the early success the company’s seen inspires him to think ahead and seek out niche markets.

“We think we can be a lifestyle brand,” he said. “We definitely want to expand the reach we have. We do want to have our own store where we sell direct.”

Still, Perkins said he realizes online and social media have been crucial contributors to the company’s success. In doing so, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook all play a part in the company’s strategy to reach consumers, he said.

Perkins added that it’s all about “connecting with customers where they are.”

The Hamilton Perkins Collection is made possible thanks to a partnership with Thread. Under that connection, the B Corporation works to create jobs for people in Haiti.

To learn more about The Hamilton Perkins Collection and to make a purchase online, you can go here.

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