Bee A Fantographer for Applebee’s and Earn Free E-Gift Cards

Applebee’s wants you to take pictures of your food, and if you do you can win some free gift cards.

As a certified loner, I was trolling Twitter when I came across the hashtag #Livelunch which I later learned is associated to Applebee’s Twitter weekly chat they do to engage with their followers and as a reward for your engagement with them you are eligible to win a gift card varying in amount.  I didn’t know this until I later came back to check my Twitter account and saw all these notifications congratulating me on my win!

That’s right, from a simple tweet in regards to a question they sent out I won a $20 E-gift card to their restaurant.  I quickly went to use it and took a photo of myself thanking them for the reward. Then Applebee’s made it rain from the Heavens for me, as they told me about their Bee a Fantographer contest where I could earn more gift cards by taking pictures of my meal.  I did, and I earned another $20 gift card.

Applebee’s is always giving away gift cards.  Months ago they gave away a couple of $100 ones if you tweeted who you share a steak with and why? Currently, they are hosting a  Best Date Ever Sweepstakes, where if you tweet or IG tag them in a photo of you and your date at Applebee’s using #BestDateEver and #Sweepstakes you could win.

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