Glenn Beck’s Black Lives Matter Empathy Call Fails to Gather Majority Support

Glenn Beck is making headlines again after urging a gathering of conservatives to try to understand the Black Lives Matter movement.

Americans need to accommodate the views of political groups even when they do not subscribe to their views. Glenn Beck, in his liberal commentary on the New York Times, urged citizens to hear out the Black Lives Matter movement. Critics have in the past accused the group of showing disrespect to the police.

Beck, who also hosts a television show, was on the receiving end last month following his political views. The public lashed out at him for comparing the supporters of Donald Trump to those opposed to police violence.

In his article, Beck wrote that he initially thought that his idea was simple. However, what followed was quick and severe criticism. All the same, Beck felt that there would be far-reaching advantages achieved from accommodating people with divergent views.

Beck admitted that his views on the Black Lives Matter had not changed totally. He reckons that he now sees the group in a new light. Five police officers died in the Dallas attack. Seven others suffered severe wounds. The incident prompted Beck to interview BLM’s activists.

The political writer had earlier invited the gunman’s parents to his show, The Blaze. Many viewers, with a conservative orientation, expressed their outrage at the television’s depiction of his parents as humans.

While supporting law enforcement, Beck said that the massacre in Dallas ought to remind Americans of the need to unite. He defended the guests on his show as decent individuals who worked hard like everyone else and loved their country.

Citizens should not view those individuals as ‘Black Lives Matter’ but as aggrieved Black Americans. Beck defined a show of empathy as the act of listening to others and feeling their pain and difficulties.

Critics of the TV host vented their feelings on social media claiming that Glenn Beck was only fronting for the Black Lives Matter.

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