Product Review: My Hair Heaven with Creme Of Nature (Argan Oil From Morocco)

The Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco collection has my hair follicles rejoicing!

It is not in my budget to get my hair professionally styled but it is in my routine to maintain the beauty of it. My hair texture is curly but yet doesn’t produce natural oil to hydrate my curls, so I don’t wash my hair every day and only wear it down on the days that I do wash it.

Before I knew about Creme of Nature with Argan for Natural Hair my hair care system consisted of washing and styling my hair once a week with any dollar store shampoo and conditioner.

Once I finished washing it, I would apply the conditioner by combing it through my hair and leaving it out to dry to give it some type of moisture, and for the rest of the week I would just pull my hair into a bun and put gel on my edges.

You may be wondering, what was the problem? Well here is the answer to that question, over time my hair started breaking from wearing it in the same style so much where the band created a permanent crease and since I don’t wash my hair often the conditioner started to leave a residue buildup, making snowflakes every time I went to scratch my scalp.

I clearly needed help as I was on the wrong path to discovery but didn’t know how to get redemption. I was in Family Dollar one day checking out the merchandise and came across Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner with Argan oil from Morocco. I heard about the product before but wasn’t sure if I should give it a try, only because I didn’t know the effect it would have on my hair.

Gratefully, I gave it a go and I hope this testament serves as a letter of recommendation for the company that makes and distributes the products.

Now my new regime entails Creme of Nature Sulfate-Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo with Argan oil from Morocco which cleanses away the weekly buildup left from the past products I was using while detangling my hair.

Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-in Conditioner locked in the purist value of the shampoo while hydrating my hair with added exotic shine and strengthing essentials.

Butter-Licious Curls Hydrating Buttercreme prevented dryness & improved manageability by softening my curls.

The best part about all these products are I don’t need to apply the products every day, once I place it in my hair for the week I just separate my curls, pull them down or ruffle my hair. It’s non-greasy and it leaves my hair feeling soft like a baby wearing silk & satin.

Thanks, Creme of Nature for helping my hair be as beautiful as me!


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