Hey Punk Ass Scared White Officers….Go Kill Yourself. Your Days Of Tyranny Are Numbered.

Officer Betty Shelby claiming she feared for her life is no different than a white woman in the 40’s crying out rape because a Black man whistled as he walked by. There were 3-5 officers on the scene when Terrence Crutcher was shot, hands above his head, in cold blood. He was unarmed.

Dear Punk Ass Scared White Cop,

First off let me say clearly, this letter is not addressed to ALL law enforcement officers. This letter is not addressed to all WHITE law enforcement officers. This letter is directed towards exactly who I addressed it to. The punk ass scared white cops who are bold enough to don the uniform yet too much of a punk to do the job properly.

Watching the helicopter video footage of the murder of Terrence Crutcher at the hand of Tulsa police officer, Betty Shelby, I had one thought. ‘Where the hell is Micah Johnson when you really need him?’ My second thought was, ‘why don’t we have more revolutionaries like Micah Johnson?’ Now I know that comes off as if I’m condoning violence against police officers, I’m not. I’m saying if there were more concerned citizens on the highways like Micah Johnson, maybe he could have prevented officer Shelby from taking an innocent life…somehow.

Preventing Officer Shelby from murdering yet another unarmed Black man would have been akin to stopping a terrorist attack. As Homeland Security has taught us, “If you see something, say something.” Micah Johnson died because he got tired of seeing a problem with no real solution. Colin Kapernick takes a knee because he sees the same problem, yet people seem to think the two aren’t connected. They are.

Punk ass white officer, yes you, I’m calling you out directly, I know you. You’re insecure, deep inside you’ve always been a bitch and you will always be one. The badge and uniform don’t earn you respect, your actions do. Too many cops get into law enforcement for reasons other than wanting to help others and serve the community. Some have been bullied all through school and see law enforcement as a way to project their authority over their peers. Some have always been punks and get into law enforcement to show they are tough. Some feel law enforcement is inevitable because they come from cop families. Many have psychological issues and use their badges to intimidate and menace the very neighborhoods they are sworn to serve and protect.

As the helicopter footage and audio replayed again and again in my mind I found myself wondering which one officer Betty Shelby is. No matter the angle I view not only the aerial footage, but the available dash cam footage, there’s no way around it, Officer Betty Shelby is a punk and a murderer. Of course, since the footage went viral and Officer Shelby was placed on paid administrative leave, she has said through an attorney what we have come to expect from punk ass cops, “I feared for my life.”

How much longer are we going to pretend this is a viable excuse for taking a life? How much longer are we going to give cops the impression that their prejudices give them a right to claim an unfounded defense? Can we at LEAST get some standard federal regulations to when cops are not only allowed to use excessive force, but also are allowed to use fear as a defense to murder?

hands up
hands up


See, forgive me if I’m ignorant to how the mind of a law enforcement officer works, but I’d think that a cop would be in fear of his/her life on every call. Seems like that comes along with the job, knowing that every call could be the one that keeps you from going home at night to the people you love. Yet, what keeps repeating itself is the situation where a white cop shoots an unarmed Black person with the excuse of nothing more than I “I feared for my life.” If you’re a Black person in America, you may start to wonder if that line is taught in training at the police academy; It’s heard so often it can be repeated back and forth like the Miranda Warning.

As @StinrgAydrienne pointed out of twitter, like many other officers who have killed unarmed Black men and women, Officer Shelby is on a ‘murdercation.’ Officer Shelby, unlike most murderers caught on tape, was allowed to return home, shower and sleep in her own bed that night. Officer Shelby now has the benefit of waking up when she pleases, traveling where she wants and anything else she’d like on the taxpayers’ money. For shooting an unarmed father of four with his hands above his head, you get a paid vacation.

“Can we stop calling it “paid administrative leave”? Betty Shelby’s on a murdercation. #TerenceCruthcher” Adrienne Marie writes, her words dripping with frustration.

for what?
for what?

In the Black community, the murder of Terrence Crutcher is being discussed loudly. There are those speaking in hushed tones as well. There are those planning another futile rally or protest, there are those who will go out speaking and educating the masses in an effort to spark change. There are a few who will plan and execute a revolution. Contrary to popular belief, just as the slaughter of innocent Black men is continuously televised, so will be the revolution that brings that slaughter to an end.

You may ask, what can be done to stop what seems so inevitable, an uprising, a revolution, a massacre in the name of justice. I can only give you my opinion as an answer. First thing first, all you punk ass bitch cops who carry the badge because it makes you feel better about your tiny penis, because mommy didn’t love you, or you were bullied and you think it will protect you, kill yourself. No seriously, I mean that in a 100% literal way. Killing yourself will be a service to not only your communities, but the world. If you punk ass loser cops would kill yourselves, not only would it allow for the good, decent cops who became officers to help and serve their communities, shine, but would simultaneously help clean up the streets by getting rid of thug criminals hiding behind the title of cop.

Why should we have to house, feed and clothe them? As taxpayers, haven’t we done enough publicly funding our own murder and harassment at the hand of our hired help?

Secondly, we must abolish the practice of the ‘blue wall of silence.’ As I referenced earlier in this letter concerning how a concerned citizen should act, cops have to be trained to understand that “if you see something, say something” applies to them as well, if not more than an ordinary citizen. They have made an oath to serve and protect the citizens of the community they are employed by, not their fellow officers. If good cops spoke up when bad cops do wrong it would not only deter bad cops but would increase trust from community members.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” Said Edmund Burke. It was true then and it is true today. The easiest way to stop bad cops is by being a good cop. There is no way things can continue on the way they have and not result in something as catastrophic as the Civil War.

Dear punk ass scared white cop, your days on the streets terrorizing are coming to an end. This is not the 1800’s and lines have not been so clearly defined in the sand. There are many who have won a battle yet lost the war and you are in jeopardy of becoming the next. In every war there are two or more sides fighting for what they believe in. Dear punk ass scared white cop, have you taken a look at the citizens of America lately?

We are far from the days when all authority figures were white. We are far from the days when even of you were dead wrong you could pull over a “colored” or a “nigger” and ruin their day just because. Long gone are the days when everything is your word against theirs. The words ‘all white male jury’ which usually preceded the notice of acquittal of charges against a white man, almost sound foreign.

Dear punk ass scared white cop, have you taken a good look at the average American family in 2016? You can easily have two or more races and ethnicities in one household. Gone are the days when you had white, Black, Latino communities where you could tell if someone was out of place with just a glance at their skin. America is a melting pot of races and cultures, we are too racially connected to sit back and let a subset of our culture continue to destroy us.

Punk ass scared white cop, you don’t have much left to hide behind. First and foremost, too many of your coworkers are minorities. While you may feel you’re brothers in blue, they may feel you’re the enemy. Be careful of the next unarmed Black man you gun down, family members of your coworkers don’t walk around with a sign on. The life you take next might cause your brother in blue to not move as fast when you’re in need of assistance. It might cost you your own life.

Lastly, we must change the way police operate and bring them back closer to their original purpose. Police officers were designed to be ‘civil servants.’ As their oath indicates, their primary objectives were to protect and serve the communities they are employed by. In those days, the communities were lily white, more protected than the people was the idea of American values, tradition and the way of life.

When civil rights became a major issue cops were used to do the dirty work of the racists who still controlled Jim Crow’s America. Since the late 50’s it’s seemed as police officers have been hired to control the masses, to put fear in minority residents, and to further racial divides and tensions. You’d like to think otherwise but the sheer count of officers who are commit crimes involving minorities is staggering.

Officer Betty Shelby claiming she feared for her life is no different than a white woman in the 40’s crying out rape because a Black man whistled as he walked by. There were 3-5 officers on the scene when Terrence Crutcher was shot, hands above his head, in cold blood. He was unarmed. Another officer deployed his taser. The other officers on scene used no weapon. It is after the taser was deployed that Crutcher is shot while on the ground. We hear a voice say shots fired. Somehow with multiple officers facing the same situation, they felt the need to react very differently. One officer enabled a non-lethal weapon, another took a mans’ life. Other officers on scene used neither. I’m guessing they didn’t all fear for their lives. Just the one who felt the need to gun down a man who obviously had his hands above his head in a non-threatening manner.

Even more disturbing than the video footage was the audio of the narrator from the helicopter video who says “he looks like a bad guy” Terrence Crutcher’s car stalled in the middle of the road. Somehow that led to him being gunned down in broad daylight by Officer Betty Shelby. There has been audio released that purports it’s the 911 call that led up to police interacting with Mr. Crutcher. The caller states that there is an abandoned car in the road, blocking traffic and that she saw a man running away from it talking gibberish. She also states he be “on something” The helicopter narrator surprisingly assumed the same thing, though Crutcher showed no erratic behavior. The voice who already concluded that Crutcher “looked like a bad guy” also ascertained that Crutcher “might be on something” Watching the it’s very hard to understand where the conclusion was drawn from. It seems instead, as an above average sized Black man, he as stereotyped.

An unidentified caller calls in a report of an untrue incident and a Black man dies at the hands of police. Sound familiar? It happened also this summer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alton Sterling was standing outside a store, where he frequently stood, selling c.d.’s, when he was accosted by Baton Rouge officers. Within seconds of arriving on the scene Sterling was dead. We watched a very similar situation play out on t.v. in the Terrence Crutcher shooting.

Punk ass scared white cop, if your fear of the Black man or any man is that great you should be an accountant. There is a great janitorial job just waiting for you. Dear punk ass scared white cop, have you ever heard of anyone shooting up a Chuckie Cheese? No? Well go work there. See if you’re going to be a cop, people might shoot at you, attempt to harm you. If there is trouble it is your job to go in first. You don’t get to go in shooting, you don’t get to cover your eyes and shoot wildly hoping you come out alive, you don’t get to decide who gets to trial and who doesn’t. If you can’t do this job, then why the hell did you sign up?

If you want to bully someone go become a high school football coach. Tough love is appreciated there.

The time for rogue cops to run rampart is coming to an end. If your target is the Black man be careful, he has infiltrated so many races and ethnicities that targeting them makes you enemies in places where you once had comrades.

You scared punk ass white cops have seen the rallies and demonstrations lately. While you’re killing the Black man, his allies are fighting alongside him. The idea of cops against niggers is long gone. For those who keep trying to perpetuate it, your days are marked. For those who let the likes of Donald Trump fool you into thinking your time is coming, think again. Donald Trump is a billionaire with great security and you, you’re just a sitting sheep thinking the farmer is close by to keep the wolf away.

Dear punk ass scared white cop, I have my eyes on you and I am targeting you with a loaded pen and even worse, an active mind. Though that may not seem like a lot to some, I feel good about it. As I said earlier, some will march, some will use knowledge to educate the masses like myself and some, like Micah Johnson, will fight the revolution dead on.

My heroes.

Signed A Fed Up Black Mother

Waiting for the revolution to be televised in full color.







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