Trump Calls to Eliminate FDA regulations, Then Backtracks

Donald Trump FDA

The republican candidate proposed the idea to eliminate FDA safety rules on his website, then deleted the statement without any explanation.

On Thursday, Trump’s website posted a document stating the candidate’s views on the country’s regulatory standards for food and his plans to reduce those standards if he would be elected. The statement called to eliminate the ‘FDA Food Police’ and suggested that the policies are overreaching. The statement also read that the FDA governing ‘the soil farmers use, farm and good production hygiene, food packaging, food temperatures and other aspects of the industry are too invasive.’


The backlash started almost immediately after releasing the statement, thus was deleted from the campaign’s site and replaced with a similar sheet of Trump’s opinions on food regulations.

“Eliminating the Food and Drug Administration’s food safety role would make more consumers sick, destroy consumer confidence at home, and damage American competitiveness in global food markets,” former FDA deputy commissioner Michael Taylor told the New York Times. 

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