President Obama Returns To ‘Kimmel’ To Read A Final Round Of Mean Tweets

President Obama drops the mic one last time on Kimmel.

President Obama returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live for a special episode as the sole guest and that also brought the second round of Mean Tweets for the Commander-in-Chief.

The first go around had a few classics, including the tweet about the price of beer, but this time around we get a nice quick burn on Donald Trump. If anybody has sent out some Mean Tweets about President Obama, it’s been Trump. Likely at 3 AM.

Some of these are very tame, but what can you expect. Obama isn’t going to take on all those crazy, angry tweets that you can search and find about him at any point in the day. No questions about his birth, no accusations about his connections to China, and no criticism of his foreign policy. Instead, we have people comparing him to Sharknado and another asking if he even lifts. Harsh stuff.

Later in the interview portion, Obama talks about his reaction to the Billy Bush/ Trump tape and how it would be a problem for anybody. This leads Kimmel to ask him about the dirtbag friends he hasn’t been able to catch up with while being president. The fun loving end of term Obama is here and it’s clear. Next thing he’ll be popping beer with Will Ferrell and hanging out with his dirtbag friends again. Joking about Michelle and her gardening.

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