Thanks to LeBron James, Cavaliers Fans Will Be Treated To A Truckload Of Free Ice Cream

There are plenty of reasons for Cavaliers fans to love LeBron James. He just gave them one more.

There are plenty of reasons for Cavaliers fans to love LeBron James. He’s a native of Northeast Ohio who plays for his hometown team and brought Cleveland its first professional sports title in decades. Oh, and he decided to do this thing where he managed to get Cavs fans a whole bunch of free ice cream.

Cleveland will kick off the NBA’s regular season on Tuesday at Quicken Loans Arena against New York. It’s obviously a huge deal because the team that won a championship last year will get honored via a ring ceremony (they may have to look out, though, because Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek thinks this could work to New York’s benefit or something). It is also a huge deal because LeBron apparently made some phone calls to the folks at Blue Bunny, who loaded up a truck with ice cream and started making their way to Cleveland.

LeBron understands that there’s nothing better than a good tub of ice cream, and apparently, he decided that everyone who is going to the Cavaliers game should get their hands on one. Because as we all know, giving a city a championship is nice, but giving people a few days worth of cold, delicious ice cream is the best gift that anyone can give to a city.

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