Why I Don’t Give Out My Phone Number?

When it comes to dating these are the guidelines I follow.

When it comes to being asked out, I don’t give out my phone number for the following reasons: I am not that into you, I want to make sure your intentions are honest and I want to make sure I am not just another number in your little black book. So when a guy asks me for my number, I always give out my email, it comes straight to my phone and it lets me know if they are serious about me or just trying to see what they can get out of me.

I use to give out my number but I got tired of the random late night calls about nothing, listening to them breathe on the phone and asking me inappropriate questions that only get answered if you are my gynecologist. When guys refuse to accept my email as a form of contact, then I one, two step, in my Ciara voice because if your intentions are honest, you will make them know no matter the form of contact.

Also, when I am getting to know the guy interested in me, I always ask one of the following questions? Do you have a girlfriend or wife? Are you talking to a bunch of females? What made you want to ask me out? If I can’t get a straight answer as quick as I ask the question, I always assume they are scheming me because like anything you want, you should be willing to work for it and can identify why you want or need it.

Asking someone out is always difficult because you don’t know if they are going to reject you, so I always take people’s feelings into consideration, but don’t take my kindness for weakness because you are going to truly see how cruel I can be!

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