No, I Don’t Want To Come Over Your House For a Drink!

I will not fall victim to the “Come Over” guy.

What happened to dinner and a movie? Or just sitting outside and talking? Do you have to make a man respect you or just work alongside his personality? Well, for me I could care less to do either. If you don’t have common decency or hiding behind kindness to hurt me, then I rebuke you. I don’t want to spend my life always on defensive, continuously worrying that everything you say or do is a hidden scheme.

The majority of men that ask me out want to come over my house or vice versa and I always politely decline and offer alternatives, such as Barnes and Nobles, the library, the mall or other outdoor public events, so I can get a feel for their personality and see how this person will fit into my life, but they always make up some excuse as to why they don’t want to go and I know they are lying.

The day I moved into my neighborhood, a neighbor asked me over for a drink. I told him I don’t know him and we could sit outside and talk, he shook his head and I walked back into my apartment. For months, he would sit outside my door like a dog looking for a home and making sure I saw him helping others.

My female acquaintances assured me that I made him respect me and he knows I am not easy, but the real problem is, that he is the easy one and how does he respect me when he was plotting against me?

If he wanted my company so badly and his intentions were honest, why couldn’t he sit outside with me, when I asked him? Also, if you have to prove how nice you are, then it usually is the opposite.

Another incident is when this guy I knew tried to get me to his mom’s house, while she was on vacation. I told him I am not coming to his mother’s home when she is not there.

When he finally came outside to talk to me, he was nervous, he kept looking around and checking his cell phone. He never did try to invite me to any of his social events, like his birthday or play production he was in.

Not that I would have gone because I now know what kind of person he is.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to hang out, drink, and cuddle, but I have to make sure the person I do it with respects me, no matter if he gets what he wants out of me or not!

Because I know how the game, unfortunately, goes if I would have gotten attacked…

“Why did you go in the house alone with him? You didn’t even know him! You brought that upon yourself!”

Nobody brings or deserves to be sexually assaulted, it’s called privacy, respect, and boundaries!

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