Inside With Some ‘Outsiders’: My Exclusive With Some Of The Cast From Season 2

What's it like to be an "outsider" looking in?

The filming for the second season of Outsiders came to an end in Pittsburgh, PA and thanks to Chelsea Peterson of Movie Casting PGH, who cast me to fill in as a stand-in for Christina Jackson who plays Sally-Ann on the show.

And with my new position came an exclusive as to what you can expect from the upcoming season, it will be exceptional. That is all I can expose, but what I really wanted to share was a fondness of each of the actors I got to witness personally.

Kyle Gallner is a sexy little damn thing to me, he gave off a Jonathan Rhys Meyers vibe with his sex appeal and has an awesome personality. We all have our bad days, but the vast majority of the time he was smiling, laughing, talking and goofing off with the cast. Plus I got to see him naked because of a scene he was filming, maybe all of you will too if it doesn’t get cut during editing!

Christina Jackson plays Sally-Ann, the girlfriend to Hasil (Kyle Gallner). Life is crazy because I remember watching her on HBO Boardwalk Empire, she played the daughter of gangster Chalky White and now, here I am getting to work alongside her in person. Not having watched S1 of Outsiders and now being able to watch her perform scenes for S2, her character seems to be worried a lot. She and Kyle have a great relationship off set and that transcended on camera, as I watch them interact with one another.

Eve Lindley and her androgynous beauty were no match for her acting talent and humble personality, no wonder she was cast as, “Hot Carla” on the hit USA show ‘Mr. Robot’. Never the demanding diva, this starlet offered to get me something from the food catering truck, instead of commanding her minions (just kidding) aka PA (Personal Assistant).

Barret Hackney is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a talented actor with the ability to play roles ranging from comedy, improvisation, character acting, drama and suspense. He was just as friendly and relate-able as you would want a best friend to be.

I hope you all plan on watching S2 of ‘Outsiders’ along with me because the real success of this show is approachable of the cast.

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