Is Will & Grace Coming Back to NBC?

Will & Grace
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Hopefully, you enjoyed the sitcom, Will & Grace enough that you just couldn’t get enough of it every week while it was on NBC. Well, if you didn’t get enough of it, you may be in luck soon because there is a bunch of talk around the network of a revival series. Although there is talk about a revival series of Will & Grace, those surrounding the show, the creators and the actors, say it is still too soon to get your hopes up yet.

Each Star Earned $600,000 Per Episode

Will & Grace starred Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes and it was a comedy that was about a single woman living with her gay best friend and they hung out with another single woman and another gay man. The show was really funny and very popular. So popular, according to The Hollywood Reporter, each star earned $600,000 per episode.


Also, according to the report, the show ran for eight seasons and earned 16 Emmy’s out of a total of 83 nominations. Each star of the show won an Emmy as well.

Will & Grace

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Will & Grace Not Official Yet

Although there is really not any official confirmation about an actual revival of the hit comedy series, Debra Messing says, “Never say never!” If there is a revival to come, it will air on NBC and it will run for 10 episodes only.


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E! Online reports, revivals of different shows are all the rage these days. According to the report, Gilmore Girls is coming back to TV with a four-part event that will be shown on Netflix in November. Not only this but the network Fox brought back the X-Files in early 2016 and Prison Break is coming soon for its revival. Netflix has also brought back the show, Arrested Development.

Other Shows Coming Back

Other shows in the works for revivals, according to The Hollywood Reporter include Enemy of the State, Dynasty, War of the Worlds, Sneakers, The Lost Boys, Magnum PI, LA Law, The Departed, Varsity Blues, and Let the Right One In. Look for these revivals to come soon to different networks including ABC, NBC, The CW, TNT, and MTV.


Are you getting excited for Will & Grace to maybe coming back to TV with at least 10 all new episodes? What do you think about these other shows coming back for revivals?

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