Black, Gay, and Proud: 10 Openly Gay Black Celebrities


There was a time in history when being gay was considered an illness. Not a physical illness, but a mental one at that.  Homosexuality was as well kept a secret as the combination to a bank vault.

Fast forward to 2016, being homosexual is majorly accepted and being  bisexual is considered “trendy.” More and more individuals are  coming out of the  closet.


These 10 Black celebrities aren’t hiding who they love.

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In today’s society homosexuals no longer have to hide or fear the loss of income, respect and livelihood as in the past but they still have a long way to go. The LGBT community is constantly fighting  for equal rights and representation.

Maybe one day we will be able to recognize that every human was born with rights and they don’t disappear or diminish based on color, religion or sexual preference.

Melony Hill
Thinker, Avid Reader, Couch Potato. Sapphire Hill is a writer from Baltimore Maryland who loves to delve deeper into the whys of everything. Staff writer for 86 Blvd and Badd Magazine. Blogger and talent promoter for Sapphire Spotlight On Talent.

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