Melania Trump Will Sure Be a Different Type of First Lady

Melania Trump

With just days until the Obamas leave the White House, many of us are nostalgic for the grace, openness and sense of warmth that Michelle Obama has brought to the position of First Lady. It is so hard to imagine, after 8 years of watching Michelle dance, laugh, help plenty of girls around the world, garden, and sing in cars that we will have a First Lady like Melania Trump.

Of course, I have never met our incoming First Lady, but whether in photos or videotaped interviews, she has never come off as open to me. It could be her European heritage and that “stiff upper lip” demeanor, but Mrs. Trump persona comes through in photos and video as cold and standoffish.


When you try to do research on Melania  Trump, there isn’t much to find. Melania was born in Slovenia, which is a part of Yugoslavia. She started modeling in her teens and later came to the U.S. to continue her modeling career.

You can tell by photos from her modeling days, that Melania never imagined that she would become the First Lady of the United States one day.

The First Lady-elect has been photographed fully nude grabbing herself as her husband would say “by the pussy”, nude on a bear skin rug and in some very compromising positions with another female model as well.

When it comes to nude modeling there is art and there is porn and the Republican’s silence on Melania Trump’s softcore porn pics is a little crazy. These are the same people who constantly had complaint after complaint about Michelle Obama having bare arms in public.


Though Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken out against all kinds of foreign things, like companies, leaders, and people, “The Don” does love his foreign brides. Melania is Trump’s second foreign wife. Before Donald Trump was elected and Melania became next in line to fill the spot of the First Lady, there had only been one foreign-born first lady.

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John Quincy Adams, our nation’s 6th president, married Louisa Adams who was born in London to American parents.

While most first ladies would jump right into the business of getting the White House in order, Melania has said that she is in no rush to move into the White House. She has opted instead, to stay in New York at Trump Tower, with her son Barron, until his school year ends.

Besides being Mrs. Donald Trump and our future first lady, Melania Trump also has a jewelry line on QVC.