Berenice Craddock Crowned “Mother Africa” Makes Bigger News Than Pageant Winner

Kedidimetse Tswai won the Mrs. Africa 2017 pageant. However, social media is focused on Berenice Craddock, who won the Mother Africa title and is white.
yep thats a beauty queen

There’s so much focus on race in  America that the weirdest thing happened. A beauty pageant was held in  South Africa; where those who are knowledgeable enough to remember apartheid and its effect on South Africa. A white woman, Berenice Craddock,  won “Mother Africa” one of many titles given, yet a Black woman won the pageant.

Needless to say, Black people on social media are going nuts.

Mother Africa
Mother Africa

Some are seeing the newspaper articles and social media posts about Craddock and are confused. Too many seem unaware that South Africa is full of non-native cultures at this point. People are so caught up in the title given to Craddock that they don’t even realize she didn’t win, it’s just a minor title.

Mrs. Africa 2017
Mrs. Africa 2017

The overall Mrs. Africa 2017 title went to Kedidimetse Tswai from Pretoria. She had the highest score in the pageant. She also won the Mrs. Africa Globe title.

Kedidimetse is a  married mother of two. She is a  very active model and humanitarian. Her facebook page is full of her accomplishments in her life and career. Follow her on Twitter.

I guess one good thing about Craddock getting more attention is that it can bring attention to her cause, Dignity Dream packages. These colorful pages each contain feminine hygiene products that many girls and women can’t afford. It is a known fact that many teen girls in Africa can’t go to school during their menstrual cycle due to inadequate sanitary help. To help these young girls you can donate directly to the Dignity Dreams foundation.

yep thats a beauty queen
Yep, that’s a beauty queen


“The Mrs. Africa Pageant week for me was a very exciting, character-building time where I got to establish friendships with other finalists from various African countries and got to hear the various challenges each country and their women have to face on a daily basis,” Craddock said after her crowning.

Though not a very active and engaged following, Berenice Craddock is on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

2017 Mrs Africa and Family
2017 Mrs Africa and Family


Follow the Mrs. Africa Pageant online, they’re already gearing up for the 2018 pageant.

Group photo of 40 finalist
Group photo of 40 finalists

I find it hilarious that so many people are misled by the media and have been trained to not read, think and research for themselves. Yes, Berenice Craddock won a minor title in a pageant she competed in but why aren’t more people talking about the gorgeous, talented, Kedidimetse Tswai, who actually won the pageant. Oh yea, we only read headlines these days and believe what we’re told.

Even if Craddock had won the overall competition, if she is a native African or a resident of South Africa, what’s the problem?

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