Trifling! 50 Cent Punches Baltimore Fan in Face then She Twerks for Him.

50 Cent punched a female fan in Baltimore this past weekend. If you're disgusted with 50, listen to this! The dummy then got on stage to twerk for him.

50 Cent punched a female fan in Baltimore this past weekend. The popular rapper was performing at Baltimore Soundstage with The Lox when he reached into the crowd to show love and the woman grabbed 50’s arm in a tight grip.

Instead of acting like a grown man, 50 Cent hauled off and punched the woman in her chest as if she were a man.

While I want to be utterly disgusted with 50 Cent, I am embarrassed to say that after punching the woman, 50 Cent later invited her onto the stage. She not only happily accepted his offer to accompany him on stage, but this trifling heffa actually gets on stage and twerks.

Really bish? Really?

So a man punches you in your chest and not only do you stay to enjoy the show but later, when in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit and get you on camera to prove that you weren’t injured so you can’t sue, you fall for it.

I am utterly disgusted with her and completely turned off 50 Cent. I was a fan but you can’t be punching women in the face. that’s what you got security for. I don’t believe for one second he felt in danger so much that he punched her and then continued show.

This whole event is why i rarely go out at night for Baltimore entertainment. I live here but damn, this place is ratchet. Only in Baltimore does some airhead let a celebrity punch her in the face and think it’s cool.

Kevin Gates just got jail time for kicking a female fan, 50 Cent got a dance…

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