Serena Williams 5 Months Pregnant, Another Black Star with a Mixed Race Kid.

Serena Williams and fiancee, Alexis Ohanian are expecting. Serena's five months pregnant, meaning she was pregnant before the engagement announcement.

I guess Serena Williams engagement announcement in December was about saving face more than love for her and Alexis Ohanian. The tennis star has announced that she is FIVE months pregnant with their first baby.

I wrote my article, enraged that another prominent Black woman would decide to marry outside of her race, passing her generational wealth into the hands of another culture, on December 30, 2016.

That was less than five months ago so we can assume that Williams knew she was pregnant at the time of her engagement announcement.

I caught a lot of flack for speaking up how I felt about Serena putting herself in position to be Ohanian’s personal Hottentot, but that won’t stop me from speaking my opinion, I’m disgusted. I won’t lie. Like Janet Jackson’s new white-looking baby I’m going to look at this little mixed race person she brings into the world and say to Myself “she doesn’t love herself.”

Sure, I may be wrong. I don’t know this woman, I could be totally wrong but I can’t help but feel that way when I see dark skin, successful women marry into other cultures. I ask myself, how can they want to raise children who don’t look like them? How can they raise kids who look at them and don’t see their own reflection?

When you wheeling around a kid and people have to ask who kid it is, where’s the joy in that? Our women have went from being raped by these men, having our bodies taken and abused, babies implanted into our wombs, neglected or sold off to welcoming them into our bodies, womb and lives.

It’s like Stockholm syndrome.

Serena made the baby announcement by posting a disappearing photo of herself from the side in a bright yellow bathing suit to Snapchat. The photo was captioned “20 weeks.” That means not only was Williams already pregnant in December when she and Alexis announced their engagement, but she was also pregnant in January when she won the Australian Open.


serena williams pregnant
Serena Williams pregnant


I’m sure she would have liked to announce her little bundle of mixed genes earlier, but of course, she had to take a step to the left so Black women’s queen, Beyonce, could announce her baby first.

Women on social media are going wild with the news that both Serena and Beyonce are pregnant as if these people matter to their lives in any way. It’s kind of sad how people obsess about celebrities. Myself I’m just disappointed by the further denigration of the Black race as we continue to add more and more outside blood.

I’m not a fan of the royal family but I tell you what, the way they keep their bloodline pure, is impressive.

I would wish Serena and Alexis well wishes with the baby but I’ve always been big on honesty and truth. Truth is, the minute I found out she was engaged and considering babies with Ohanian, she lost me as a fan forever.

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