NAS Takes You on a Love Journey with Her Latest Memoir

For those struggling to find love, this workbook can help you better strategize your methods by evaluating your true self-worth.
Journey to Love

Everyone wants to be married.  It’s a normal desire for single folk to aspire to find their soulmate, someone who finally gets them for who they are, and then to live happily ever after with one another.

But you and I know that only happens in movies.  There is no such thing as riding off into the sunset when it comes to finding and building a relationship.  There is no script to follow.  It just either happens or it doesn’t.

This is what led Nicole A. Schmidt (NAS) to write Journey to Love Vol. 1,  a book that comes across more as a conversation between herself and other single folks, women, in particular, to express their trials and tribulations of finding love.  Nas lets it be known up front that this is not a guide on how to find a man, but rather a book on encouragement.A collection of poetry and short “essays” about embracing the single life. With transparency, honesty and slight humor, Nicole A. Schmidt illustrates the beauty of the Journey to Love.

It’s a collection of poetry and short “essays” about embracing the single life. With transparency, honesty and slight humor, Nicole A. Schmidt illustrates the beauty of the Journey to Love.

Journey to Love Vol. 1 is broken down into chapters that highlight what you’d expect to be the normal cycle and flow of finding love.

“The Search (for him),” the first chapter in the book showcases a few poetry pieces and thoughts on the dating scene in particular.  About how important it is to communicate, and also finding out as much as possible about the person you’re interested in.  But make sure it’s a two-way streak and that communication is going both ways during the initial stages of building a relationship.

“The Settle (for them),” the second chapter is the stage where some of us may not necessarily be happy, but we’re content with the relationship we’re in so we settle, although we’re not so sure we want to be a part of the relationship any longer.  I think we can all relate to this stage at some point in our lives.

But Nas also throws a twist in with this chapter by also suggesting that people shouldn’t settle for anything less than “butterflies,” meaning that if the person you’re with don’t always give you this heightened feeling when you are with them, then it may be time to move on.

This is perfectly showcased in “The Ruth Trap,” when she eloquently uses biblical characters such as Boaz and Joseph on how she wants her Mr. Right to find her.

Let Mr. Just Right for Me be a Joseph

Visited by an angel who tells him my


An assignment full of ridicule and mockery

In spite of which, he still chooses to marry me

“The Submission (to God)” closes out the book by putting emphasis on the fact that no matter what moves you want to make in a relationship, and in life, in general, we have to learn to submit ourselves to God first.  By submitting yourself to his will, everything else will fall into place, especially when it comes to finding your potential spouse.

By trusting in Him, he allows you to start over if need be. “Starting Over, Sticking With It” shows how this can be done.

In order to grow fruit, the soil must be

prepared. I am being tilled, plucked and even

sifted…impurities are being removed and even

the tears that I cry are nurturing my destiny.

Jeremiah 29:11 is more than a scripture; it is the

promise of God that allows me to press

forward because I know that scripture not only

applies to me, but to the seed within me:

dreams to become reality, testimonies to be

told, lives to be created, and souls to be saved

for Christ.

All in all, Journey to Love Vol. 1 serves its purpose as excellent therapeutic reading for those who may be struggling to find their significant others.  It’s a workbook of sorts.  There are even pages in between the chapters where you can jot down notes of any takeaways you may have learned while reading.

It’s worth picking up a copy or two, and even handing out to some of your friends you know may be struggling with their own relationships.

Journey to Love Vol. 1 is available on Amazon and CreateSpace.  You can also learn more about the author here.

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