Report: Fox Will Pay Bill O’Reilly as Much as $25 Million After Firing Him

Even after being fired from Fox News, Bill O’Reilly could still make it out with a massive payday.

One of the biggest stories of the past week was Fox News firing of Bill O’Reilly after over two decades being with the company. 

O’Reilly has been beleaguered by a growing number of sexual harassment accusations and coming off of a year in which Fox was forced to let go of founding CEO Roger Ailes for similar allegations of misconduct, the network chose to cut its ties with ‘The Factor’ host.

But in doing so, it doesn’t exactly mean they part one another on bad terms. In fact, it is being reported that O’Reilly can expect a major severance package amounting in the millions.

Ailes, who recently splurged on a $36 million Florida mansion on the Caribbean shore, got to pay it’s cost off with the lofty $40 million Fox paid him on his way out. It is estimated that O’Reilly can expect up to $25 million to put away in his departure, according to sources of CNNMoney.

The sources say that $25 million was actually the number agreed upon for a recent contract extension that the conservative host signed with Fox. He had been set to stay on board with Fox for another 3 to 4 years.

Fox would have the kind of money it is supposedly offering O’Reilly, to throw around. It is reported that company has been forced to pay some $13 million in sexual harassment lawsuit settlements. And O’Reilly of all people would clearly be the man to get such a bonus, as he has generated unmatched ratings over the course of his twenty-plus years delivering interviews for Fox viewers.

The tone of the statement O’Reilly put out in regard to his release from the company would appear to suggest that things remain tight behind the scenes, as, he went out by commending Fox for the loyalty and dedication they’ve shown him over the years. 

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