Pittsburgh International Airport Brings More Culture To The Terminals

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Make your dream a virtual reality at the Pittsburgh International Airport with Birdly!

The Pittsburgh International Airport Authority is sponsoring the National Aviary’s new exhibit called Birdly, a full-body virtual reality experience that gives the sensation of flying.

How does Birdly work? Riders lie on the simulator chest down and flap their arms using hinged wings, controlling direction and speed of their travel. A fan simulates headwinds and flying speed. Motors tilt and dip the flyer’s body in response. A headset provides visuals and head-tracking, taking flyers over a virtual New York City.

At the National Aviary, the experience will be offered daily in timed increments. The cost for the general public is $8 per flight, however, there will be no cost for Birdly while he is at Pittsburgh International and Allegheny County airports.

Birdly will live at the Aviary, but will travel to Pittsburgh International Airport for the first time on May 22-25 and will travel again to both Pittsburgh International and Allegheny County airports several more times throughout the year. There are only two Birdlys in North America, the other is at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.

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