‘Top Gun 2’ to Start Filming Next Year

Tom Cruise has confirmed that a sequel to the classic film “Top Gun” is in the works.

The Mission impossible and Minority Report star Tom Cruise has never disappointed and he is at it again with good news to any Action Movie Junkie after he bluntly declared that Top Gun 2, a sequel to the classic film Top Gun Movie will be filming next year.

Word has been on the street regarding the production and filming on the Top Gun 2 motion picture for years but no one was ever sure that the news was authentic until the action star confirmed the news on the Australian morning show Sunrise.

The action star has been making the rounds promoting The Mummy which is expected to arrive on the 9th of June. The Mummy is viewed as the Universal’s shot at turning their classic monster movies into a “shared universe,” something they’ve already tried with limited success in Dracula Untold.

The shared universe is officially called Dark Universe, and Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem will be joining as the Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s monster, respectively, with Bardem playing the monster in the upcoming Bride of Frankenstein remake, the only new film that’s been announced at the moment.

When pushed if the rumors of a Top Gun sequel were true, Cruise went ahead to confirm by expressing “Yes, it’s true. It’s true,” He went ahead to declare that the sequel is scheduled to start filming next year “You know what? I’m going to start filming it probably in the next year,” offered the Minority Report star. “It is definitely happening.”

The movie is certainly on course considering this is not the first time Tom Cruise has hinted talked about the possibility of Filming the Top Gun sequel.  Last year the action star shared a photo of him and producer Jerry Bruckheimer with a caption that suggested they were talking about the possibility of filming Top Gun 2.

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