Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby to Receive Back Pay After Being Acquitted of Manslaughter

Less than a week after her acquittal, Officer Betty Shelby will return to work and receive over $35,000 in back pay.

White Tulsa officer Betty Shelby who has been in the middle of controversy after being recently acquitted of manslaughter, after shooting an unarmed black man will not only be returning to work but the city spokesperson has confirmed that she will receive back pay.

Betty returned to work Monday, three days after the police chief decided she could come back but will be working on a desk job rather than the street patrol, a move that has sparked controversy following the belief that she shot 40- year-old Terence Crutcher unjustly with Terence’s family believing that justice had not been served.

Shelby had been on unpaid leave since September 22nd after being charged with manslaughter after the death of the 40-year-old but fortune has continued to smile on her path with Michelle Brooks the city spokesperson on Tuesday mentioning that the officer will receive more than $35,000 in back pay, minus taxes and other deductions.

Shelby’s attorney, Shannon McMurray, while speaking on Shelby’s new role termed it as “administrative” and “organizational” in nature and went ahead to say that the department will be providing extra security for her but declined to give more details about Shelby’s new role due to safety concerns.

Reports suggest that the Crutcher family are looking at the possibility of filing a wrongful death lawsuit after black community leaders rallied at a north Tulsa church following peaceful demonstrations after the verdict was made.

Shelby statement indicated that she shot Crutcher out of fear, believing he was reaching inside his stalled SUV for a weapon although it’s alleged that no gun was found in the vehicle or on Crutcher after the shootout.

Prosecutors argued that the officer went too far since Crutcher had his hands up and wasn’t being combative and further declared that she could have used a less-deadly technique to restrain him, such as a stun gun.

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