Fly Free With Jet Blue

JetBlue is offering passengers a chance to fly for free by completing surveys to help them better their business.

It’s been a trying time in the airline industry.  And that would be an understatement.

Every other day it seems that some airline is receiving bad press from something as simple as them needing to not overbook flights, or at least compensate well for kicking passengers off planes, to people literally fighting on planes.

Because of this, airlines are trying to find some innovative ways to bring goodwill back on their side.

JetBlue has launched a survey site, where they are giving passengers a chance to fly for free.  Sign up for a free TrueBlue account with Jetblue and once you log into your new account you will see an advertisement on the bottom left-hand side called Points for Surveys.

Don’t worry the website is also by Jetblue, it is not a scam. I personally have an account and got 400 points for completing my profile, then 10 to 400 points for other surveys I completed.

The perfect thing about the system is that the rewards you earn from taking surveys are automatically applied to your TrueBlue account. I check to see how many points it would take for me to get a free round-trip ticket to Haiti in July, and it stated I needed about 30,000 points but it varies on the date I chose to take the vacation. Plus I would also need to pay out of pocket for the taxes and fees, which would be around $20.

Surveys can range from 1 to 35 mins, so I plan to take one survey a day to benefit from this reward program this year.

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