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Teacher Gives Middle School Student a Ridiculous “Most Likely To Blend In With White People” Award


Stacey Locket a college-Prep Teacher at Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Texas was in the middle of another controversy for issuing one of her students Sydney Caesar with a rather absurd award which stated “Most Likely to Blend in With White People.”

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It appears Stacey’s choice of awards to her students is way beyond normal human imagination considering this is not the first time she has issued one of her students with a bizarre award. Allegedly Stacey issued a “Most Likely to Be a Terrorist” award to another student Lizeth Villanueva.


Speaking about the incident, Sydney and her family condemned the move by the teacher and labeled it as senseless. “Where is the common sense in that? I mean, how you can think that is okay to say it in the first place and then right after a major event has happened. It just doesn’t make any sense”, exclaimed Caesar’s Sister Lauren Easton.

“I feel really bad for her because I saw her in class, she was really upset about it and she just wouldn’t talk at all for the rest of the day,” says Caesar.

Caesar apparently skipped the last day of class because she was so upset about the situation and could not collect herself up to attend the class.

“For that child to either be called a terrorist or she’s not black enough, basically now the students are taking that and that’s her label for the rest of the school year”, her mother Latonya Robinson Said. Robinson went ahead to ask the school to take further action to the teacher even if it means suspending the teacher.


The school issued a statement to address the situation which read:
“The Channelview Independent School District would like to emphasize that a recent incident where insensitive and offensive mock awards presented to students are in no way associated with the AVID College Readiness System or the AVID Center. Channelview ISD does not support this type of recognition under any circumstances and the placement of the AVID logo on these certificates was an error. At no time was the AVID program itself involved in this unfortunate incident.

The AVID System is an outstanding college readiness model that has led to continued high levels of student achievement in Channelview ISD. AVID’s system has benefited hundreds of thousands of students worldwide since 1984. Working together with the AVID Center, Channelview ISD’s AVID system provides intensive support to students with tutorials, positive peer groups, and college-readiness skills.
Channelview ISD would like to reassure the community that this incident does not reflect the many good things going on in our district. The district does not condone the incident that occurred and we are taking this matter very seriously.”


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